st Dewback Patrol: Sell Your Items at Brian's Toys

Yesterday at 11:05:14 AM by Darth Spice
Do you have unwanted items in your collection or you are downsizing to make room for new Star Wars: The Force Awakens product?  Selling has never been easier at Brian's Toys, click below for a short demo!

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st Dewback Preview: TSO at Chicago Comic-Con!

Yesterday at 11:04:26 AM by Darth Spice
Twin Suns Outpost will be making it's very first convention appearance at Chicago Comic-Con next month! Make sure to visit our booth, we'll have much of our inventory on display and available for purchase.

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st Update from NJ Toys & Collectibles:

Yesterday at 09:26:50 AM by Darth Spice
This week we have a massive sale going on right now for the new 3.75-inch Black Series waves 7 & 8. $10.19 each. All are in stock! We also have most of the latest 6-inch figures in stock and ready to ship.

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: Tomorrow, May the Force be with You!

July 27, 2015, 04:07:03 PM by Darth Spice
Don't forget tomorrow is the day will put the San Diego Comic-Con exclusive 6-inch First Order Stormtrooper up for sale.  We're going to guess based on previous years they will sell out fast, so get your refresh rehearsed tonight Troopers! United We Find.

Update: GONE!  It seemed like what little amount was held back, sold out in less than 10 minutes and it appears they did not limit the quantity.  In one word: ridiculous!
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st Dewback Patrol: Inside Brians Toys!

July 27, 2015, 03:37:20 PM by Darth Spice
Last week we kicked off our 15th anniversary celebration at Brian's Toy's in Fountain City, WI.  Join us as we take an look at the facilities that include massive stock rooms and inventory, as well as some never before seen history behind Brian's Toys and their 30-plus staff of employees. Thanks again to Brian Semling for the many years, and great work from Lance at 2nd Shift Photography for capturing it all! Stay tuned for more photos and video from our tour of duty, United We Find.

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st Dewback Patrol: Tampa Bay Comic-Con

July 27, 2015, 07:57:17 AM by Darth Spice
Our Swamptroopers would decend upon the Tampa Bay Comic-Con this past weekend and much to our delight featured four Star Wars guests.  David Prowse, Jeremy Bulloch, Tim Rose, Julius Leflore would headline a huge guest list and there were many collectibles to be found throughout the floor. Click below for 66 photos from the event and super huge thanks to Logan & David Cross, United We Find.

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: JTA interupts Force Friday Countdown!

July 24, 2015, 06:58:58 PM by Darth Spice
Our friends at JediTempleArchives have uploaded several photos revealing new product from Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  Click below to see and of course obvious spoiler warnings do apply!

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: Hot Toys Dazzles in Hong Kong!

July 24, 2015, 03:13:56 PM by Darth Spice
The team at Hot Toys has produced a nifty Millennium Falcon to accompany the cockpit they revealed at San Diego Comic-Con.  Click below to see the photo gallery via their Facebook page from the Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong (ACGHK)! United We Find.

Our old friend Flyguy at is reporting this will be sold at a whopping $48,000 and there will only be 50 made!
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st Happy Birthday!

July 23, 2015, 09:17:31 AM by Darth Spice
It's been a long, winding fun road but we are kicking off our 15th anniversary celebration this morning.  Make sure to visit our Facebook page throughout the day to see sneak previews as we are about to embark on a journey to see the largest Star Wars inventory in the world at Brian's Toys!  We hit the front lines with 2nd Shift Photography so stay tuned for photos and video from our tour of duty in the near future.

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st Sandwatch Live: Saga Legends #14 AT-DP Driver

July 21, 2015, 02:31:59 PM by Darth Spice
We are back! In this Episode we examine the AT-DP driver as we shake of the rust and begin inspection of one of the more difficult to find Saga Legends figures.  Click below to see if this figure is worth adding to your collection, if you haven't already! Plus find out what one of the first items we'll be giving away as our 15th anniversary celebration is about to begin! United We Find.

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st This just in from Brians Toys:

July 19, 2015, 08:56:53 AM by Darth Spice
This week we've opened pre-order for the Gentle Giant Luke Skywalker mini-bust and Mandolorian bookends. This week our new arrivals include the 12" Cad Bane (Denal Disguise) from Sideshow Collectibles and the deluxe Han Solo in Stormtrooper disguise from Gentle Giant. Also make sure to check our eBay auctions as we've added several vintage Transformers play sets with no reserve.

- click above to enter -
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st Dewback Patrol: Pfeifercon 12 Video

July 19, 2015, 08:32:53 AM by Darth Spice
A couple of weeks back I attended the 12th annual Pfeifercon at the home of my good friend Eric Pfeifer.  It was an incredible party and our allies at RebelForceRadio have put together a YouTube video for your viewing pleasure!

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: Join the Countdown to Force Friday!

July 18, 2015, 09:52:15 AM by Darth Spice
If you haven't been on our Facebook Page recently, we've been counting down the days to Force Friday via the awesome, fact-filled Countdown Calendar we've received from Hasbro. We're all in anticipation of the new Force Awakens figures, so make sure to click below to like us on Facebook and join in on the fun! United We Find.

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st Welcome Twin Suns Outpost!

July 17, 2015, 08:16:22 PM by Darth Spice
Twin Suns Outpost is owned and operated by Eric Pfeifer and was established early in 2015 as a way to bring the talents of Star Wars artists to fans through customized art pieces. We offer a premier Star Wars marketplace for rare or one-of-a-kind Star Wars custom-made art pieces and merchandise.  We offer many different types of art, including digital art, pencil sketches, water colors, oil paintings, custom apparel, phone accessories and much more.  We partner with talented artists from all over the world who express their love of Star Wars into dazzling art and merchandise, which we then make available to Star Wars enthusiasts.

We offer much more Than Merchandise, in addition to our unique Star Wars Artwork inventory, please check out our weekly podcast called Twin Suns Transmission that we post regularly.  The hosts, Eric and Savanna, discuss a wide array of Star Wars news, reviews of Star Wars events and provide exclusive interviews with Star Wars celebrities and guests. Click below to visit our website and browse the inventory.

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st Mos Eisley News Brief: Comic-Con Recap with RFR!

July 17, 2015, 06:33:24 PM by Darth Spice
Our friends at RebelForcRadio have sent word on their latest episode! "San Diego Comic Con's Star Wars The Force Awakens panel stole the convention. Join us for a full review of all the action including a shot-by-shot breakdown of the impressive TFA Behind-The-Scenes reel screened at the event along with audio highlights featuring J.J. Abrams, Lawrence Kasdan and the cast of Episode VII. Plus, we have a contender for RFR's Outrageous Unthinkable Story of the Week Hall of Fame...Hasbro's Black Series Princess Leia (Slave Outfit) action figure has stirred up a storm in Philadelphia and you will be blown away when you hear what went down. We'll tell you what happened, why it happened, and we rant about it all. Have a great weekend and be sure to join us on Monday for a bonus episode of RFR!"

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